Question 1 : What is Caller Ringtones Service?

Caller Ringtones allow you to replace your current boring “toot toot” connecting tone with cool music/songs/sound effect/voice clips, so that you can entertain or surprise your callers while they wait for you to answer their calls.


Question 2 : How do I get started to enjoy this service?

To subscribe to Caller Ringtones, simply key in *131#

You will receive an SMS to confirm your subscription and a 6-digit password for the Caller Ringtones web site

You can also activate this service by calling Maxis Contact Center or walk-in to any Maxis Service Center (only postpaid customers).  


Question 3 : How do I download the Caller Ringtones?

To download Caller Ringtones, log on to (prepaid) or (postpaid)
Enter your Mobile number & password that you've received via SMS OR
Call 1-300-820-820 and the interactive voice will guide you through the service. (Please note that you'll be charge 30sen per minute for calling the 1-300 number)

Do change your password immediately.


Question 4 :  How much do i have to pay for the service?

You’ll be charged RM3 per month for the subscription fee.


Question 5 : Will I be charged for calling 1-300-820-820?

Yes, you will be charged 30sen per minute (Prevailing airtime)


Question 6 : Will I be charged for Caller Ringtone downloads?

Yes, you’ll be charged from RM2-RM3 for each caller ringtone downloaded.


Question 7 : Do I have to be a Maxis customer to use Maxis Caller Ringtoneservice?

Yes, Caller Ringtone service is only applicable to Maxis & Hotlink (012 & 017) subscribers


Question 8 : What features are available from the IVR?

By calling 1-300-820-820, you can:
1) Download Caller Ringtones 

2) Delete Caller Ringtones
3) Manage your Caller Ringtones list  


Question 9 : What features are available from the Web?

Through Caller Ringtone web site, you can;
1) Download Caller Ringtones
2) Delete Caller Ringtones
3) Manage your Caller Ringtones playlist
4) Set your Caller Groups
5) Special Settings according to date & time
6) Change your password
7) Preview complete Caller Ringtones library


Question 10 : What is "Special setting"?

Special setting allows you to personalize your Caller Ringtones to another level. You are able to set a special greeting set for a particular period, i.e. your best friend's birthday whereby a birthday tune could be played during the specified tune specially for the intended caller!


Question 11 : What is "Random"?

The Random function allows you the flexibility of letting the Maxis Caller Ringtone system play a song of choice, based

on your library of already purchased Caller Ringtones to greet callers in no particular order.


Question 12 : How many Caller Ringtones can I download at one time?

You can download up to maximum 10 Caller Ringtones at any one time


Question 13 : How do I know if my Caller Ringtones downloads are successful?

You’ll be notified via SMS indicating the title of the ringtone purchased.


Question 14 : What happens if I were to change my handphone number?

You will have to register the Caller Ringtones again with your new mobile number. A new password for website will be sent to you again via SMS.


Question 15 : Will i be able to enjoy the service while roaming?

Callers to customer's line will still be able to enjoy the Caller Ringtones when customer is roaming.


Question 16 : Do I have to notify Maxis every month that I want to continue this service?

Your Caller Ringtones subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. You’ll be notified via SMS one (1) day before, to let you know that your subscription will be renewed and RM3 will be charged to your Maxis account or deducted from your Hotlink account.


Question 17 : How do I cancel the service?

To Cancel Caller Ringtones service subscription, simply dial #131#.

You can also cancel this service by calling Maxis Contact Center or Walk-In to any Maxis Service Center to deactivate the service. (Only applicable to postpaid customers)